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Philadelphia, PA, USA

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With a thundering minimal rhythmic precision and a ‘gothic grunge’ sound, WORST ONES have emerged from the darkest depths of the Philadelphia underground, bringing you hard riffs and scathing glory.

Founded in 2016 by Drew Ew (Dr. Ew, Future Thugs, Hands Are) WORST ONES set things off with their first single “Bad 4 You / Head 2 Toe”, starting a series of 4 releases recorded by Dan Kishbaugh (Vektor, An Albatross, Die Choking). These sessions include former drummer and backing vocalist Mindy Bonnie and Girls Galore frontman Rob Lepkoski on bass. The next release in the series “Wasteland”, landed on the famed Philly hardcore punk cassette label Suicide Bong’s compilation “Killed by Philadelphia Vol. 1″. Soon to follow “Squeeze the Trigger” hit the web and was accompanied by a one-take, bloody-mouthed music video.

In the summer of 2017, the last release of the series “Found Out / Snake in the Grass” was featured in music publications New Noise, The Deli, Spill Magazine, The Key and AltPress Discover.

“Hell raising hard rockers Worst Ones find a nice niche somewhere in between the poppy industrial dance of 90s faves Girls vs Boys and the hard and heavy riffage of The Kills.”
– John Vettese for WXPN’s The Key

In the Fall of that year WORST ONES partnered with Black Monk Records to release the entire collection together for the first time in a physical format, as a limited edition clear purple cassette tape.

WORST ONES then returned to the studio with new member Steve-O-Man (Punch Drunk, Obomatic, Klockenhouzer) on bass guitar. With Dan Kishbaugh at the controls again they recorded “Sink Teeth”, which was immediately placed on the highly praised doomedandstoned.com compilation series “Doomed and Stoned in Philadelphia” on 4/20/2018.

WORST ONES released the rest of that session as a digital EP “Is It Worth It?” for Summer 2018. It has been featured for full stream on acclaimed extreme music outlet Decibel Magazine’s blog.

“Philadephia heavy alternative crew Worst Ones have drawn influences from pretty much everywhere on the heavy music spectrum to create Is It Worth It?, their brand-new EP. Starting off with the Melvins-esque “Human Hair,” Is It Worth It? dabbles in sludge, doom, goth, industrial and fuzzed-out punk. Singer/guitarist Drew Ew’s vocals fall somewhere between a whine and a snarl; combined with the band’s instrumental sound, it wouldn’t be hard to believe Is It Worth It? is a never-released Sub Pop title from their heyday.”

– Vince Bellino for Decibel Magazine

As newest member Paul P (DJ Doppelganga, Klockenhouzer, Replicant) joins the group adding live electronic percussion to their already powerful stage presence, WORST ONES take influence from their collected backgrounds in dark electronic music as well as loud rock and roll, and more than ever bring together a dynamic blend of sounds. Incorporating hard vibes with hypnotic drums and electro-metallic doom, this noise and rock rhythm machine awaits.