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Download app for all your android mobile devices, and take your favorite commercial free radio on the go! Wfku is unlike the norm. We don’t play the same songs over and over again every hour. We have live dj’s playing different styles of gothic music. Listen in 24/7 worldwide anytime day or night!


Click here for the mobile version!

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Download the brand new WFKU Gothic Radio app and take us on the road. We will leave the rest of the stations in the dust! What’s better than commercial free radio with live dj’s? Playing only the best music that we can find, and leaving the rest for for the other stations to play!

Click here to download the WFKU app! Take wfku to go download the app on all of your mobile devices!


Click here to download wfku version 2.1




Brand new and improved! Download wfku radio version 2.1 to all your Android devices!




Take WFKU on the go! Download our app v. 2.0 for all of your mobile devices! This is the infamous full version with rave reviews!

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