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    General Stuff:

    WFKU is a worldwide dark internet radio station.  We pride ourselves on uniting the dark music scene with class, passion, and dedication. Not only do we serve those who follow the goth scene,  we also take pride in delivering great music.  In addition Radio is our passion #1.    We love what we do, and are constantly striving to keep you entertained 24/7.


    Send us your stuff
    Email: [email protected]
    • Send us A link to your Tracks in Mp3 or Wav format
    • properly label your tracks and your ids
    • include a bio or synopsis
    • We also offer a sponsership deal for better results
    • You can login to contact a particular DJ directly via their member page.


    Because of our unique system and powerful infrastructure we can manage live remote DJs well.   They do not get paid.   However, they do get 50% of all donations and commissions brought in during their live hours. If you are interested in joining up and DJing live on WFKU please email: [email protected] directly, with a sample as well as a bio or blurb about yourself.

    Live Broadcasting:

    The Heart and Soul of Radio. This is what the we pride ourselves in doing most. We Broadcast live from locations all around the world. We do 20+ live shows a week.  We have built our own custom broadcasting system and player to facilitate doing it better.

    Space Catapult Auto-recording and Podcast Syndication:

    This is Radio 2.0. Our Radio to podcast syndication service is absolutely the best in the world. We syndicate podcast media significantly faster than the BBC’s System, Sets and Playlists are recorded automatically, the podcast is generated and syndicated through apple, google, RSS, Torrents, as a wordpress post, reposted through most social networks, and a few other places minutes after the DJ gets off the air. All done with absolutely no extra work for the Djs or staff.


    We run Choice Selections from DJ’s when we are not live. These selections have been very carefully curated for your maximum entertainment. Even when we are not live, WFKU still strives to serve you in the best way possible. Listen 24 hours a day at your convenience.

    Hardware and software:

    Our Station is a bit tech savvy. We have built our own live remote broadcast system based on LiquidSoap with time sensitive logins and passwords. We think it is better than Airtime. This is the 3rd version of our live broadcast system. We still use some of the older elements that make the main WFKU Station particularly special, such as an extremely hacked apple computer. The Requests system and the other channels are also built on Liquidsoap. The Website is a customized WordPress CMS. We also use Nicecast, Mixxx, Sam Broadcaster, Winamp, Foobar, LiquidSoap, Shoutcast, Icecast, Ical, Gcal, Beatunes, SC_trans, a variety of other applications, custom applescripts, custom unix shell scripts, and PhP Duck tape. Our Dedicated Radio Server is in Denmark. The Website is on 2 VPS’s in Virginia. The Main Broadcast Computer is in NYC, The DJs are all over the world.

    Unique WFKU Stuff:

    • The remote broadcast system with time sensitive user logins
    • SPACE CATAPULT Revolutionary auto podcasting system and archiver
    • Beat matched Shuffled playlists during off hours dance programming
    • The html5 Player which works on all phones and browsers
    • The requests system based on auto-suggestion
    • The meta tag matrix which displays art song data and more
    • Buy links from ebay for anything that gets played on wfku
    • The charts page featuring last 10 songs played weekly and quarterly info
    • The Original Gothgram instagram photo feed
    • Pullup Login interface
    • Members page users sorted by login date
    • Real-time Schedule in many time zones
    • Our own fully integrated ad network

    Other Cool WFKU Stuff:

    • AAC+ HD Radio Format on the main station for all compatible browsers and devices with Auto-Detect
    • DJ Uploaded Front Page Slideshow with gallery and Rating System
    • Chatroom with Guest login and Member login
    • Native Social Network with friends, groups, notifications, private messaging etc
    • Native Forums
    • Military Grade Patches
    • 8 Great Stations
    • 2 Mobile Applications
    • Instagram Login

    One More Thing:
    WFKU strives to be interactive, community oriented, and personable. As such, we are always open to suggestions, comments, and concerns. You’re a part of our past, present, and future, so feel free to open up a line of communication.

    [email protected]

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