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    Whiskey Fuck

    Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D: live Whiskeyiew with Victorient I (part 1)



    Whiskey: But…ah, ah….ahhhhh Victorient…Victorient! Lets see what we can do right now. We’re gonna even do the videos that we can laugh at maybe while I talk to them. All right, here we go. DJ Whiskey, live interview, Victorient. I’m gonna give a big, uh, call ring to Sam and Tanzy Carter out in the UK. Lets see what we can do.


    Sam: Hello!

    Whiskey: Hola, hola, hola! You are live on the radio.

    Sam: Hello, How are you?

    Whiskey: Good, good how are you, Sam? How are you, Tanzy?

    Tansy: (muffled) I’m fine.

    Sam: Very good thank you. Thank you for having us on, and thank you for your support. It really means a lot.

    Whiskey: Excellent. Ditto. Ditto. So, you guys just released a new release, and tell me all about it. You released it yesterday, um.

    Sam: Ya, it’s our album. It’s our debut album called “The Old Curiosity Shop.” Basically, it’s a mix of all the different influences that we like into sort of one thing. It’s out obviously yesterday. It’s free to download from obviously that you said earlier our bandcamp page, and we also have a video for the opening track “storm within” on YouTube.

    Whiskey: Excellent. Excellent. I’ve heard the track. It is an amazing track.

    Sam: Well, thank you.

    Whiskey: Of course, of course. And so, Charles asked real quick in a chat room here…

    Sam: Mmmhm?

    Whiskey: Where are your influences, what element are you coming from?

    Sam: Well basically, our music is a mix of all the things we like. So for us, the one thing we know is when we first met, was we literally, and it’s spooky, we literally liked all the same kind of music. So, we wanted to be in a band where, ultimately, we would have no side project because we felt free to be able to dabble in any genre of music possible. So, literally our influence is everything from 80’s epic doom metal, to 80’s electronic pop music, to a little bit of dance music, to alternative rock… progressive rock metal…ya.

    Tansy: (indistinguishable)

    Whiskey: Eh, particular bands, I mean, you know, genres are genres but bands are bands, you know people are people. I heard, rumor has it, rumor has it, that Martin Bose might be producing your next album.

    S & T: Yes.

    Tansy: Ya. We’ve…well we’re sketching out our next album. So, we’ve got a few softballs and a few songs written up. But, hopefully, we have to get it together and get a bit of help with production, and should have one out by next year. I think there’s a whole year to go for it. We’ve actually gotten to the point where I’ve designed the front cover. So, were quite confident. We want it to be a concept album. So, it’s gonna tell a story like so we’ve written a few things to give us some ideas. But so far it’s all rough. But, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what we want to do with it.

    Sam: Ya. It’s gonna be like…it’s kind of gonna be a concept album actually, only from the point of view that all the songs on the album will be linked together, through a sort of theme I mean..

    (to Tanzy) Should we tell him what were doing for it?

    Ok, it’s an exclusive for you. The album will be called “Nocturne Window.” And, the idea being is that somebody will step through the nocturne window and sort of see the world for how it sort of is, and their version of their own reality.

    Whiskey: Hmmm.

    Tansy: So, it’s almost like waking up from a sleep, and sleep walking through a town, which is kind of the idea. So, were adding on to those ideas. And so they’ll probably change by the time we get around to doing it, but that’s the main basic idea we’ve got. (undistinguishable).

    Whiskey: Sort of like…run that by one more time. So, we’re talking about some sort of like, cross-dimensional, like, reality-to-reality sort of manifest. I’m not…but I think I need a little bit more detail. Like, is it, like um…

    Sam: Well, basically, the idea being is, when you wake up, you step through the nocturne window. It’s like you don’t know whether the reality you’re walking into is like the real world, or if it’s not the real world, or whatever each individual person’s definition of the real world is. If that makes sense.

    Whiskey: It does. It actually does.

    Sam: Cool. We just wanted to try something different. Because, with the first album, there is a theme that links all the songs, but it’s a very loose conceptual theme. So, with the next one, we wanted to actually link all the songs in order, so all the tracks will be in a specific order, so, listening is designed to be listened to in order. So, then the narrative of the story just flows through and keeps going.

    Whiskey: Understood, understood. So, about this first album, and your first release, Boleyn…who is Anne Boleyn? What’s the song about?

    Tansy: Anne Boleyn is the second wife of Henry VIII, who’s uh, she had a king, She’s the most well known queen out of all the six wives because of the amount of intrigue that went round her, which was mostly things like, you know, was she a witch, was she having affairs, was she actually planning to murder him? Just a lot…she just wasn’t very popular in court…a very intelligent woman…And she pretty much was, you know, “I say I do.” And, at that point women were kind of looked down upon. You didn’t say that, especially to a king. And, she basically pushed King Henry into marrying her when she was pregnant. So, they ended up…she ended up getting married and she ended up becoming queen. But, it didn’t go down with the public. It didn’t go down with the court. So, basically, the song is a very, very loose, story about her, you know, thinking she is a queen, and everyone else saying, “no, you’re not,” and then so it all ends up with the story ending where she is accepting her death, basically.


    Sam: It’s a very grim ending.

    Tansy: It was a grim time.

    Whiskey: Of course. Did she marry a Swede or something like that? Or did she uh…

    Tansy: She, her sister was originally King Henry’s like their (indistinguishable) OK. And, she basically…Henry wanted to have Anne Boleyn as a girl on the side. But, she said no I want to be your wife, I want to be a queen. And, also, back then, divorce was not a thing. So, then he completely changed, like, he took himself away from the Roman Catholic church in Italy and invented the Church of England and married her, and so he…that whole entire part of specific history, especially in the UK, is very prominent. And she’s kind of a bit of (indistinguishable) to be honest. But, she never got remarried. She had lovers, and supposedly when she was married to him and he was looking around again for other young women in the court. He kind of, ort of, popped her off and she ended up going with him. There are rumors that she may have slept with her brother, but it’s all rumors, you know, it could’ve been incorrect or it could’ve been correct, it could’ve been anybody. But it’s a bit like that with the basic lyrics.

    Whiskey: Excellent. You know I’m an ignorant American. It’s very hard for me. It’s not in my history books, you know, so when I hear a song like that and then I go, ok, Boleyn…ok.

    Tansy: It’s a lot. There’s an awful lot of history, I don’t know about all things like Europe, and even my own history. Or even like, I even studied bits of American history when I was school. I only remember the basics, they teach you the basics, but I don’t know everything about American history. So I could say for all I could be quite ignorant there as well. If you don’t have an interest in something you’re not gonna know about it. So, you’re not necessarily ignorant. It’s just, you learn everything there but you cant store a lot of information into your brain, unfortunately.

    Whiskey: And especially with the overwhelming amount of information available today where you could basically be whitewashed.

    Sam: The world is a much smaller place now then it once was.

    Whiskey: But there’s so much more stuff. It’s like, unbelievable, the amount of stuff. Wow. So, I’m really impressed, and thank you guys for joining us.

    Sam: Thank you

    Whiskey: I’m thrilled and really, really anxious to hear what you and Martin Bose from Attrition and Coil are going to come up with for your next album. Your last album was actually really, really quite good for your first release.

    Sam: Thank you, we recorded it at home in our own studio.

    Whiskey: Ya. Ya, ya ya. That’s good stuff. So, let’s see, is there anything you guys want to hear on Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D.? I’ll play anything you like.

    Tansy: Maybe something really, really obvious like The Mission or (indistinguishable), something like just…I just really picked it out cuz that’s the first thing that came to my head.

    Whiskey: That’s a Victorient song I’m guessing, right? ……No, ok. Which song? What? Huh?

    Tansy: (Indistinguishable), the obvious one.

    Whiskey: The obvious one? Ok, I’m gonna play Boleyn so that people get some sort of idea of how ignorant and American I am…


    Whiskey: …and have some appreciate for something else, which is a hell of a lot cooler.

    Sam: Thank you

    Whiskey: You’ve been listening to Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D., and Sam and Tanzy from Victorient, who kick ass.

    S & T: Thank you very much

    Whiskey: You guys are from Camden? How far is that from London?

    Sam: Oh, we’re not from Camden, we’re from Croydon. Camden in north London, Croydon is about 11 miles; it’s south London basically.

    Tansy: Greyton, London.

    Sam: Ya, Greyton, London.

    Whiskey: South instead of north?

    S & T: Ya

    Whiskey: All right! Ok, ok, ok. One point for the stupid American.


    Tansy: It’s all right. Ya, it’s basically just right outside London.

    Whiskey: Right on. Ok, Victorient. Please, please, please. If you’re listening, anyone out there, everyone out there who is listening, download their free CD and give it a good listen. Tell them what you think. They’re giving it to you for free. They deserve your feedback.

    Sam: Thank you.

    Tansy: Very much.

    Whiskey: And, ya. Thanks for listening. This is “Boleyn” by Victorient.

    Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre
    Track list:

    Theme Song – The A-Team
    Swirlies – 09- Two Girls Kissing
    Andy Camp – The Living Dread
    Nash The Slash – 03 A The Chase
    Eryn Woods – Gangsta, Geeks and Freaks
    Halo In Reverse – Modesty’s Failure
    Star Industry – Selling Icons
    Liberty Ship – Learning to Fly
    victorient – flower of pain
    victorient – boleyn
    victorient – storm within
    GRYPT – Chapter 0
    Cliff and Ivy: Alaska’s only goth band – Begin Again
    Icicle – Morning Bells
    Less Than None – Jumper Down
    Helalyn Flowers – Beware Of Light
    FRONT 242 – Take One (Kant Kino Remix)
    Depeche Mode – Dream On (Dave Clarke Remix)
    Yari Greco – One Legend Of A Brother (Original Mix)
    Kevin Coshner – The Joker (Original Mix)
    Cari Lekebusch – Obscurus Sanctus

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