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    1.Career Of EvilbyBlue Öyster Cult
    2.11 Career of EvilbyAlbert Bouchard
    3.I Am The One You Warned Me OfbyAlbert Bouchard
    4.Hit and RunbyAl Bouchard
    5.Manic Panic Technicolor ChristmasbyBouchard Brothers and Bellomo Sisters
    6.Christmas on the Road v2 roughbyBouchard Brothers and Bellomo Sisters
    7.Christmas YearningbyBouchard Brothers and Bellomo Sisters
    8.My PhilosophybyDada Greentree
    9.Cop On the BeatbyAl and Mark
    10.FireworksbyBlue Öyster Cult
    11.The Roter CursebyDavid Roter Method
    12.MonsterRoughmix-02byDavid Roter Method
    13.luckiestmanmix-0byDavid Roter Method
    14.Big Sounding ShufflebyAlbert Bouchard’s iPhone
    15.Tree of Hate – 12_12_15, 2.38 PMbyAl Bouchard
    16.SKY – 12_12_15, 6.27 PMbyAl Bouchard
    17.01 GhostsbyAlbert Bouchard
    18.The Red And The BlackbyBrain Surgeons
    19.Cities On FlamebyBlue Öyster Cult
    20.Brother Don’t Tell Me Prime mix5byBlue Coupe
    21.Constantine’s SwordbyBrain Surgeons NYC
    22.Ain’t Dead
    All Me All The Time

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