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    Survival In A Post Apocalyptic World
    Your real needs:

    A shelter that can house and supply air and food and water for six months.
    Weapons for hunting and security.
    A place for solitude.
    Various testing and cleaning gear.

    100 Square Feet per person: needed for folks that may develop claustrophobia or other psychological issues.

    You will be supplying air food and water for each person for a minimum of six months (don’t forget for cleaning).

    Sleeping areas should have a bay set up three high on each side a kitchen space and living area with computer tv settings a small room to be away from everyone and a waste and reclamation area. Include storage spaces for clothing weapons food water and power and air units. ( I will go in detail about this Later.)

    You may also want to have a few guinea pigs and a place for them to breed (No not pets).

    DESIGN: Or how those companies are ripping people off.


    Ever wonder if those Shelters they advertise are going to keep you safe? The answer is Nope Nope Nope the design can’t handle the stress of soil weight and a atomic blast basically it is a very expensive tomb. You really need to be 30 ft deep and in a cement and plastisealed environment. With three entrances available and a Decontamination chamber in each entrance. Plenty of room to keep from going stir crazy and plenty of things to do to keep you sane.


    Time to wake this thread up! Holy Fuck! What has karma finally wrought on the human specie? Living in the USA today has become a study in mass depression. I can’t make myself want to help society when society has let me down. I see things that are so scary I wish I was 20 again. I want to see my country as a paragon of all. A place where I will no longer fear my government. I trust the readers of this small moment in my life will take my words as truth and understand that there is no viable proof that any home shelter has protected anyone from a nuclear war. 

    Where are the ones that will survive? I can’t tell you, but I can explain the potential reality of surviving.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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