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    U are invited to the Candy Corner for the WFKU Halloween Radio Hellraiser Fundraiser! This year’s payback… it’s personal. WFKU has had such a great year. It’s our time of year to scare the creepy out of you withCandied apples and razor blades, CANDY! Er, that is to scream; ROI! & Actually, (for real not for fake) some really cool swag. See, WFKU has unanimously decided this Halloween that it’s your turn – a reverse fundraiser on indiegogo… from hell.

    We have something for everyone. All of you. All of your art, all of you dark-hearted makes and builds, your costumes, your clients… you. And your little ghouls or goblins who aren’t so little. Admit it!What you love, tells you who you are. We know exactly what you need. How can we help you? Deals for bands, discounts for Brands, etsy businesses, & really ANY other Hellraising Hedonistic or Wholly Hairy or Handsome projects and businesses.
    Oh man, don’t forget the “Actually cool Swag.” Join us on WFKU. For you. WFKU is completely independent and survives on good relationships w/ artists/ bands & labels, and YOU. We do over 1000 live shows a year. We each do them all for free, all for fun, all for you.
    WFKU Halloween Radio Hellraiser is ALSO your chance to give and get more than your money’s worth. And you? With this year’s costumes? Clearly money is tight. So let us give you some! #gothgramhalloween on your instagram halloween costume photos for a free chance to win $50!!!! via
    Totally worth it by the way!
    Wanna hear what we’ve been up to this year?
    Since our last email we have built radio-awesome miracles: In the shadows of course. We know our place. And you. We made you some stuff! The main thingy being Secret Project Space Catapult. No, seriously. This is pretty big. Auto, Live Radio Broadcast 2 podcast Recording system. This thing records all the DJS live sets and posts them as podcast onto the Apple, Amazon, and Google stores. It also zaps them to our website as a wordpress posts, as RSS feed, and onto all our friends (and yours) over at Raw Voices podcast network. If it were any smarter it would do your long form tax return while making you CANDY!
    I mean it, also posts 2 Tunein, Twitter, Facebook, & 1000 other places. That’s not just scary awesome. Why? It allows all of you to listen 2 all live broadcasts whenever, even without, GASP, the Internet. That brings you home while traveling. We have also officially doubled our # of alternate channels. Doubled. There are now 15.
    Each and every one of them are requests driven.
    By you. And your clients. We have also added Order of the Dragon radio into WFKU’s player for quick access.
    We stabilized the live remote broadcast system that we built ourselves and encrypted our time sensitive unique DJ passwords for additional stability and security, and we did it with very little money.
    Another thing we did was reduce our monthly overhead. Reduce is a very, bloodless word. Allow us to splatter properly! Ha Ha! (Sound of Chainsaw starting) It’s down to a very very low number. (Ok. Between us? It’s less than $200 a month) We are not expecting to grow as much this year, we’d need Dr. Jekyll to collect Alice’s mushrooms & brew and bubble for Dr. Bruce Banner. As the Hulk already. Standing on a… oh. Right!
    ROI guarantied. No, really. Our Ad Library is more frightening than your mummy. We’ve been making you money for a long time now. We know what we’re doing. We know you do to..So…Let’s do this!
    After we cover a year of blood thirsty operations? All money raised or from sale goes to MORE monstrous modern wonders of internet radio. Although this last year we’ve done SO well, and just decided to do MORE.
    We are expanding the podcaster one more time to post to mixcloud and soundcloud, & we will be adding a podcast requests only Surfrock channel, AND incorporating Hexx9 radio into the WFKU player.
    That last part is just for you. From WFKU. What you love is what you are, and so are we. We like being lucky over being rich. We like you more than we like… CANDY! So go ahead invest in what you love, donate, listen, and if nothing else, spread the word about our annual candy corner hellraiser. Thank you from WFKU internet radio.

    email brought to you by CasperZ the friendly Ghostwriter
    IndieGOGO Fundraiser details
    Projects and Bands: contact all the Djs for free email [email protected] include a link to a download and a bio please
    DJS who want to do a show: email [email protected] for details.
    Listen free from any browser on any device or check out our mobile apps on the respective stores.
    Thanks again folks, and happy Halloween

    ~Whiskey Fortuna

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