LIVE DJ Delchi – Fire Walk With Me | 2016-07-17

Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre

Track list:

WFKU – Donate 2
– Sinead O Connor – WAR – SNL (128kbit AAC)
– Fire Walk With Me (192kbit AAC)
– Geisha – Kesä ( Finnish Synth Pop Post Punk -83 ) (128kbit AAC)
– Bauhaus – She’s In Parties (480p 30fps H264-128kbit AAC)
Killing Joke – Love Like Blood (128kbit AAC)
– Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Dreaming of My Scarlet Woman (360p 30fps H264-96kbit AAC)
– Perfect Dark TEST
– The Count Censored (128kbit AAC)
– BLUTENGEL ? Grey City ? 2014 (192kbit AAC)
– Project Pitchfork – Timekiller – Official (128kbit AAC)
Angels of Liberty – Star Sailors (128kbit AAC)
Fever Ray ‘Keep The Streets Empty For Me’ (720p 30fps H264 – 128kbit AAC)
– Into Dust, Mazzy Star (128kbit AAC)
– Sieben – Love’s promise – Sex and Wildflowers (128kbit AAC)
Faith and the muse – Sparks (128kbit AAC)
The Mission – Butterfly On A Wheel (128kbit AAC)
– Henry Rollins – Late Night Confessions (360p 30fps H264-96kbit AAC)
Siouxsie And The Banshees Spellbound (480p 25fps H264 – 128kbit AAC)
The 69 Eyes – Dance D’Amour (192kbit AAC)
Merciful Nuns ~ Body of Light (480p 25fps H264 – 128kbit AAC)
Nosferatu – Torturous (128kbit AAC)
The Cure – From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (lyrics on screen) (192kbit AAC)
– The Sisters of Mercy — More (128kbit AAC)
The Horatii – Annaline (128kbit AAC)
Scotland (1080p 6fps H264 – 128kbit AAC)

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