• Dandrogynous posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    I have great memories of going too many directions in art and music and always feeling second rate and isolating from the world for the wrong reasons ! I am learning from my mistakes through music which i’ve DJ’d and have actually watched some of my shows which i hate. I feel that I am once again evolving technologically and musically as I look back on some of the things I have loved like punk,gothpunk, darkwave,coldwave (toured with my friends Lycia 97)and my influences as such like the plasmatics, alien sex fiend, sigue sputnik, dead boys, pil, psychic tv (just reread their bible), christian death(once was a childhood alterboy??), god i better shut up i could go on 4 too long. I’ve seen at least a 1000 bands before moving to nyc in 97! I see many underground vids from the Strange Walls which i quess i was in for 18 years and never saw until now. I am most proud of the performance i gave for Poe play “Dr. Tarr & Professor Fether”which i was also just shown lately by a friend who said it had 1000’s ov hits on you tube and elsewhere as i’m not very great with how quickly time passes, i was also told i need to become more responsible because i’m almost 50 by someone who is 75 ?? I lose the plot once in awhile, but am now learning to look back on mistakes which were actually the right thing to do because like gibby says: ” Its better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t done”! So fuck all your mistakes and daft cunts ! They weren’t! Thee Future is NOW ! like Nina Hagen said. Rock on if this is my final post on WFKU i want Whiskey and others to know i’m glad I was there in the beginning now i’ve almost reached my end!
    Have Fun whatever you do!!! With an androgynous mind and always a pleasure stopping in!!!! xxx Drogy