Whiskey Fuck



Whiskey Fuck


"I will make you levitate using my secret egyptian spell words"


Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D.



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Las Vegas Transplant, DJ Whiskey aka. Jacob Bouchard is Manager and owner of WFKU. . He is the Son of Rock and Roll Legend Albert Bouchard. Whiskey Started WFKU in 2008. Whiskey has coordinated all the special events and live broadcasts done by the station, when the station broadcasted live from clubs Whiskey coordinated that too. He has also hosted a few shows on this station…The now infamous, The Mourning Show, and Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D. Whiskey Graduated from Bennington College in Southern Vermont with a major in Arts and Media. Whiskey is an old hat in the music Industry. Before WFKU he ran a Record Company (eindie records) The Label dealt with Emerging talent in NYC. He worked with some of the best new artists in the area at the time. Hear Whiskey Live every Wednesday at 3:30 PM Pacific Standard time on Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D.